GYP Top Management’s Participation in the 2nd Turkey Black Sea Oil and Gas Exhibition!

As Güney Yıldızı Petrol we have honored to have our top management actively participate in the Turkey Black Sea Oil and Gas 2nd International Congress and Exhibition presented by Vostock Capital UK which took place in Istanbul from December 13 to 14, 2023. The event provided a platform for industry leaders to share insights, experiences, and knowledge, encompassing presentations, sessions, and keynote talks.

During the two-day event, as GYP, we have played a significant role and our  Business Development Director; Arel SAYER delivered a compelling presentation during the 3rd Session on Investment Horizons: Unveiling the Future of Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Industry. The session focused on Current and Planned Investment Projects in the Black Sea Countries, with Arel Sayer shedding light on our exploration and production activities, as well as the strategic utilization of market dynamics.

A glimpse into the event’s program reveals the comprehensive engagement of our company and its representatives. Our Business Development Director’s presentation was featured among distinguished speakers and industry experts, emphasizing the importance of our company’s contributions to the congress. The content of the presentation delved into our company’s exploration and production activities, highlighting its strategic approach in navigating the evolving market dynamics.

The congress covered a wide array of topics across various sessions, ranging from technological advancements in upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors to discussions on investment horizons and the development of competitive oil and gas markets in the Turkey and Black Sea region. As GYP our active participation underscores our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and contributing to the dialogue shaping the future of the oil and gas sector.

We would like to hereby expresses our gratitude for the opportunity to engage with fellow industry leaders and looks forward to continued collaboration, innovation, and advancements in the dynamic landscape of the oil and gas industry.