oil-trading1Oil Trading

GYP and its subsidiaries market crude oil and oil products globally to a variety of customers, including the major oil companies, government purchasing agencies and industrial end-users.

GYP’s and its subsidiaries’ supplies are acquired in part through long-term contracts from key-producing countries, as well as by traditional short and medium-term purchase agreements.



A network of distribution has been established for their petroleum products by road tankers throughout Turkey and its neighboring countries.

Oil and gas activities are handled primarily by GYP’s offices in Ankara and Istanbul.

GYP’s refinery, located in an area that is ideal for both the international and domestic markets, has the capacity to produce over 30,000 bbl/day.

GYP has acquired an oil distribution company as well as 100,000 Mtons storage facility. SOMO, the State Oil Marketing Organization of Iraq, has short-listed GYP to provide oil products to Iraq.